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Str. George Emil Palade Nr.103
Oradea, Romania, 410092
+4 0729 77 67 67
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About Us Insight Features

About Us
Insight Features

We have a passion for technology, hunger for knowledge and we are very impatient to start working on new projects and ideas.

We strive to offer the best advice for you and your project.

We offer you all our support to have a fully functional product.

We handpick the most optimal solutions for your project.

We are here to help you build up your successful business.

Who we are &
What we belive in

We believe in the ethics of the job well done, being a professional team willing for a constructive communication. We are learning continuously and feeding our knowledge in order to evolve both personally and professionally.

Who we are and What we belive in
Mercea Emil CEO and Fullstack Developer Insight Features

Emil Mercea

CEO & Full Stack Developer

Robert Szilasi

Backend & Frontend Developer
Adrian Roman Mobile and Frontend Developer Insight Features

Stefan Mester

Backend & Frontend Developer
Ghedeon Molnar Backend and Frontend Developer Insight Features

Ghedeon Molnar

Backend & Frontend Developer

Andrei Horea Tap

Frontend Developer

Tech Knowledge

Over the years we have worked with a vast number of technologies.


Web Technologies

JavaScript, NodeJS, TypeScript, Angular, React, PHP, WebGL


Java Technologies

Java EE, Spring Frameworks, Android


Mobile Technologies

Android / Java, Swift / Objective-C, Ionic, React Native, Phonegap



Docker, Vagrant, Git, Jira


Database Systems

MongoDB, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Elastic Search,


Cloud Technologies

Google Cloud, Amazon WS, Digital Ocean

Insight Features Full Stack development team

Insight Features
Where to ?

Our desire is to become a full stack development team therefor every choice and every step we make is in order to reach that goal, pushing up the limits and reaching out into unknown waters.

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